Peony Store

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Peony Store

Your Flower Shop

Hi, Peony Store is your Flower shop! We have been open since 2018 but our staff have a twenty-year experience in the enchanting field of flowers. We have worked with the best floral designers in Italy, so we will always be able to respond to your needs and recommend new and creative solutions!

Everyday, we select the best fresh flowers to create wonderful bouquets and flower arrangements to amaze you.


In addition to flowers and floral arrangements, Peony store, your flower shop, specialises in floral events. We deal with exhibitions, corporate events and with any occasion that requires our beautiful petals and flowers.

And last but not least, we take care of floral arrangements for weddings. Find out how to make your special day more colourful and fragrant thanks to Peony Store, your flower shop.

Come visit us in our shop in Via Rodella, 8 in Guidizzolo:
In our shop you can find many household products and lots of gift ideas to satisfy every taste, even the most bizarre!

What do we offer?

Flower shop

Your florist


A flower wedding!


We care about your events


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Why Us?


Thanks to our long-time experience, we can guarantee a tailor-made service for each type of need.


Times are busier and busier, Peony Store ensures punctuality in deliveries and in the creation of floral arrangements.


At Peony Store we constantly update to keep up with the times


At Peony Store we constantly update to keep up with the times and to guarantee the uniqueness of our creations.


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